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History, the founding of the company

It is march 1906, elections for the Ridderkerk city council are being held. Cornelis Dubbelman at this  moment working as a modelmakers manager, maker of castmodels at Smit Electro is taking part in the elections for the ARP. Cornelis Dubbelman is  elected as city counceler. His boss was also a city counceler and to keep the right relations concerning boss and employee in his company Cornelis Dubbelman had a choice, give up his elected chair in the city council or give up his job. Winning the elections ment loosing his job.

Cornelis Dubbelman decides to start his own company in a small shed of 3 by 3 meters in the Emmastraat in Ridderkerk.


Cornelis Dubbelman.


The most important activity is producing wooden models for the surrounding iron- and coppercast companies

In 1908 the first  wooden steerring-wheels for ships are ordered. This product is made for the Netherlands and Belgium. An anual production of 500 or 600 pieces is normal. After modernizing the company steering bridges  from teak wood also can be made.

An example of the wooden steering-wheels in diffrent sizes.


 Even small wooden boats are made by Dubbelman.

In 1912 comes the request by a good customer for the making of a shipmodel. Although Cornelis did not feel a lot for making it he started the project because of good business relations. It was a hard job but the company succeeded in making the model. Because Dubbelman was the only one in the Netherlans who could make a shipmodel there were a lot of potential customers. This was the start of a now worldfamous shipmodelbuilding company.                                  

The first model from 1912 from the Dubbelman company.

In 1930 Cornelis Dubbelman dies. From that moment on his son, Antonie Dubbelman becomes the leading man of the Dubbelman company. The moment of takeover is far from ideal. Because of investements the past years done by Cornelis there are a lot of debts. Antonie does not give u and continues the business. The hard years of WOII are years of survival. Antonie manages and after WOII the company starts to boom. Through the years modelmaking starts to take a more and more important place in the company and now its the main activity of Dubbelman.   


Antonie at one of the machines.

In 1972 Harry, the son of Antonie takes over the business of his father. Antonie however stays to advise Harry and the company for years. Harry still is managing director and owner of Dubbelman Ridderkerk B.V. He takes part in producing the models and still runs the company...