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What  Dubbelman Ridderkerk B.V. makes

Dubbelman Ridderkerk makes shipmodels and models for architects. Through the years we have gotten a lot of experience in making highly detailed scalemodels. Amoungst our customers are wellknown shipyards and designers. We produce several shipmodels a year.  These models are all over the world. They are displayed at exhibitions, at companies and in museums. Some shipowners are having their models at home or in their office. We have found out that our customers are using the models for several diffrent purposes:

- as an eyecatcher on a exhibition or at an office

- being a very helpfull item for designers

- being very helpfull for selling a design of a ship to be built  

- being very helpfull for selling a product or service for a company

- being a very helpfull item when building the real ship

Taking these purposes under consideration with the fact that our models are from a high quality and precision we can offer our customers diffrent types of executions of the models:

- design models

- fully detailed models



Maquette of a soil washing plant, built for Boskalis Dolman scale 1:25, table size 2,40 x 1,20 m

Model of motoryacht "Gallant Lady" scale 1:50, length model ...cm, Royal de Vries buildingnumber ....

Design models

These models are usually used for design- and commercials purposes. The designers can get a very good visual impression of their design. It is easier to see visual effects on a model than on a 3d impression. People who want to sell a design also have a very good extra item available, a potential client can easaly see the results of the design on the model. Customers don't have to be able to understand  drawings. It also is much easier and cheaper to have changes made in the design on the model visible. Design models are executed to the specifications of our customer. Everything is possible. From windows made of stickers to cut out windows and from simple to high detailed furniture. Even the railings can be made on a desingn model. The execution will always be of our normal high standard.     


Design model scale 1:100, length model ... cm, Royal van Lent buildnumber 801

Fully detailed models

These models are executed like the real ship. The are highly detailed and are very nice to see as the photos below show. Everything on the outside of the real ship can be found on the model. And if desired by the customer it is also possible to show the interior of the model visible.


Fully detailed model of motoryacht "Harle" scale 1:50, lengt model 90 cm, Royal van Lent shipyard buildingnumber 797


Photos of details  left: maindeck with anchorwinch, center: sundeck with mast and furniture on the aftdeck, right: furniture bridgedeck and stairs to sundeck and maindeck.